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Are You Looking Forward to Hyper Inflation

£50bn more pumped into economy

 I wonder if its Robert Mugabe who's now head of the British Treasury


House Moves to Steal MORE Money for "Cash for Clunkers"

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House Moves to Steal MORE Money for "Cash for Clunkers"
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Hill to die on

What is your hill to die on? Mine is forced swine flu vaccines.

Jo Swinson’s misguided maternalism

Jo Swinson's misguided maternalism

I actually know Jo & in the past she has stood up in defence of free speech but she's totally wrong about this

US Govt Picks On Boy With Autism

Hacker loses extradition appeal

The US Federal Government are not just interested in punitively imprisoning its own citizens or citizen's of other countries who happen to be Muslims, but for sometime now they've been trying to extradite a computer geek who suffers from Apserger's because he managed to hack into the Pentagon's mainframe looking for info on UFO's.

Happy Birthday Milton Friedman

Today is Milton Friedman's birthday one of the greatest men of the 20th century in my opinion

If nobody is aware of his work I highly suggest they watch his documentry series Free To Choose

I hope Gard will give him a mention over the weekend ;)

The UN Attempts To Oppress Free Speech


There's attempt by the UN to introduce a binding resolution to oppress free speech which the UN totally superseding its remit & a shocking infringement upon the universal declaration of human rights as well as a severe infringement upon basic civil liberties.  

Climate Change: False Choices and False dichotomies v.s. free market solutions

G'day fellas:

Check out my bonza post on climate change. I seem to recall the G-man made a comment a while back ostensibly saying that its ok for private venture capitalists to invest their money in technology for reducing Co2. I'm not sure if ive paraphrased correctly, but it got me thinking about the false paradigmn the debate has constructed on climate and decided to offer my own Third Way.

Not the socialist third way, but the free market third way. Hope you likes! On an unrelated note, I got my stiches out after surgery the other day and can hear again, time to get into catching up on the song v song battle heh. My blog post below:

How About Debating Environmentalists?

I remember a while back when Gardner was still doing his old radio show I phoned in once on the whole climate change debate & said that because environmentalists have made such a big deal about climate change its actually distracting from other environmental issues. In fact the whole climate change thing has probably made it harder to campaign on other environmental issues because people have kind of tied all environmental issues in with climate change, when climate change is basically just a theory & there are other proven environmental concerns etc.

Pro Life Podcast

I know like myself that Gard has some pretty strong feelings concerning the issue of abortion.

I know also such as myself that Gard does struggle with the dichotomy of liberty & being pro life.

Basically everybody seems to think it's a given that if your pro liberty you going to be pro choice when it comes to abortion.

In fact I've a whole load of flack from lefty acquaintances who have accused me of jumping on the Christian-Right bandwagon because I don't fit their stereotype of what an atheistic liberal should stand for etc.  Neglecting of course that if you're pro liberty you going to believe in the right to life being the most important thing of all.

Free Market Health Care

I recently wrote a column for the Times-News regarding the marketization of the Health Care system. Needless to say, the Socialists came out the woodwork and made numerous comments on the online edition. My favorites were claims that I am being paid off by the insurance companies, or that I must be a Rush Limbaugh fan!  Fellow Conspirators, I call on you to give these people a run for their money! Challenge their socialist beliefs! 


When Is Gard Going To Debate With Lefties?

A while back I heard Gardner say he was going to attempt to get people shall we say from the left of political spectrum on to the podcast to debate various issues.

He's also suggested to me in doing a cultural podcast

I don't know if Gard has attempted to do so or if Gard's just got distracted.

Anyways I thought it a good idea not just because Gard's not bad at breaking down the arguments of opposing views but it would be good to debates between the libertarian perspective & other political perspectives. In fact I personally reckon just in general there isn't enough public debates going on between libertarians & other perspectives.

I can haz new account?


I'm Number 3.141, but I'm better known around the net as penguinsscareme.

Yes, penguins do indeed scare me.  We can get into that another time if you want.  I'm active on http://www.getyourhandsdirty.net/publicsquare/index.php, http://thementalmilitia.com/forums/, and to a lesser degree freekeene.com and nhfree.com.

I joined the free state project in March 2004, moved to Ashuelot, NH in January of 2005, started listening regularly to Free Talk Live in February of this year, and Liberty Conspiracy a short time thereafter.

How Much Is Your Sperm Worth?


 The UK's fertility watchdog has called for a fresh debate on reversing the ban on paying egg and sperm donors.

Fancy that getting paid to have a wank

I want to be the first millionaire wanker!

I don't unzip my trousers for anything less then a hundred garand.

No longer will bliokes be bragging about the size of their manhood but how much their sperm is worth

Geez you only got a grand for yours!

Federal Medicine Machinations - Links


You reference a lot of good material in your multi-part pod on the Federal takeover of health insurance and health care.  Could you provide the links to the sources you quoted, such as the article by Sheldon Richmond?  Thanks..

Selective Service

Have any of you refused to sign up with the Selective Service?  Did you register but later regret that you did so?  What kind of advice would you have for someone facing this decision?

Porc Fest on Front Page

From FoxNews.com:



Sounds like fun...sorry I missed it.



Venezuela Running Out of Coffee

I realize that pointing out the lack of freedom in Venezuela under Chavez is like pointing out that the sun rose in the east today, but this is classic.

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