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Hi there. I've got a question for everyone. I hate to complain about something I receive for free, but can someone recommend alternative software to submit to Gard? The file size for LC podcasts are pretty big in comparison to other podcasts I listen to. The others I listen to sound just as good and are about half the size. Ideas?

Apparently Citizen X is running for office in 2012 as a republican. LOL

I guess he'll be making that run for dog catcher after all!


...and they could have at least spelled his name right!

Taxes explained in terms of beer

This is in response to Gard's remarks on the podcast dated 12-9-10

In this pod gard discusses how the rich pay a disproportionate amount of tax.  If you applied this to bar tabs for ten people, you would get something like this e-mail which I received at work one day

As an aside, the accredited author denies having written this, and makes no comment as to the validity of this analogy.



Subject: Taxes explained in beer

Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100...

Is libertarianism a leap of faith

Okay here’s the situation….

I’m a physically disabled who lives on a top of a hill & any other time there’s shitty weather I’ve no trouble getting into town to get the shopping in.

Right now Britain is suffering from the coldest December on record & there is snow snow & more snow & ice.

A normal able bodied probably is finding it hard enough to get about right now, but I’ve cerebral palsy down the left side of my body & I’m visually impaired, so near impossible for me to get into town to get the shopping in.

Obviously I don’t want to starve & so I’m reliant upon the help others.

Right now I’m not bothered who assists me, whether its somebody who cares or is paid to care, all I want to do is ensure I don’t starve.

It has begun....VIPR

TSA at the bus stations...

Visual Intermobile Prevention and Response.


City council spends £4000 on a Xmas tree for its office



Now if that wasn't bad enough I saw a TV report last night claiming that the one in the city centre cost nearly 10 grand


I mean local councils supposedly are going to have to cut back on services to the most vulnerable in society & yet they can splash the cash ehen it comes to Xmas decor.


Where's the sick bag i need to puke.

Great little example of "tragedy of the commons" near home

This story was on the front page of our local small town paper today.  I was a projectionist at this little theater when I was in college.  I thought I would share it because it seems to contain all the little golden lessons about the nature of man and government on a small and personal scale.  We get all fired up about the Big Dog gubment in Washington, but the dynamics are the same right at home.  The petty absurdities are incredible.  This is what happens when it's admitted into the common conciousness that there is such a thing as "public property", a type of property that cannot exist without being forcibly taken and maintained through rights violations, is "owned" by everyone, yet by no one, controlled by a few, and results in a pronouced lack of accountab

TSA fooled by...abdomen pancakes...?


More ways terrorists are getting stuff past the TSA.

Alright, it's 1 in the morning, so Imma finish up Wheels off Liberty and go to sleep. 'night all.


Assange rape accuser goes to Middle East. Possibly stopped cooperating with police.

Now she's whining on Twitter about the way she's been treated. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. An international scandal is a good way to bring attention to yourself.



Comment by 12 year old lamenting closure of local community center prompts "anti-terror squad".

You know, my last job was relatively easy. And, since I was good at it, I didn't have to leave my desk too much. When I found myself with nothing to do at work, I'd stream South Park on my PC and do homework. But, apparently, the police in Oxfordshire, England have nothing better to do than threaten children with the anti-terror squad and others for using their freedom to assemble and speech.


I heard Gard once say that the definition of what a terrorist is always seems to be changing. When a 12 year old child, who quite literally did nothing wrong, is cause for the anti-terror squad, yea, the definition of terrorist has definately changed.



I might not of necessarily agreed with the student protests there have been but I will always defend somebody’s right to protest & it seemed to me that with the student protests there were agent provocateurs who stirred up things up into a frenzy, which of course gave the police every excuse. Not sure though that the police had every excuse to drag a disabled man from his wheelchair, I mean what threat to public order is a man in a wheelchair protesting?

Political Reactions To Having A Sex Change

I thought I’d share the political perspectives I’ve received from coming out of closet about being a transsexual.

You’d think that both liberals & libertarians would be understanding if not supportive as both support individual liberty, however that’s not exactly case as I’ve found out.

Lefties seem to think that I should get government permission before I did anything, which kind of stinks because it means they don’t seem to think I own my own body, but I kind of expected that to be the case. Most lefties I know do support diversity etc, but they do get hung up on concern on what individuals do with their own body.

Virginia judge declares Obamacare unconstitutional.



It's worth pointing out that there is tons out there that is unconstitutional, but I'm very glad someone woke up on this one.


Something like 20 other states are also suing the Obama Administration, so let's hope this is a first of 20. :)

Taxes on small businesses.

*Beware- Bee in bonnett*

This morning, I stopped by my new employers office to gather some information that I'll need for my first day on Friday. While I was waiting to see my supervisor, I noticed this on the wall.  A license for a security alarm for a private business.


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