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There’s going to a general election whoopee frigging do!

There’s going to a general election whoopee frigging do!  

I seriously doubt come May 7th I’ll wake up to find that the hierarchical centralised form of government that feeds the rich & fucks the poor, will be in anyways be eradicated or even eroded.

Help needed from LC posters

Hey fellow conspirators,

As some of you may know, I'm releasing my 2nd horror novel, FLU, through Snowbooks at the end of April.

The book will be on sale in the UK throughout Waterstone's and Forbidden Planet stores, as well as Amazon and other online stores.

To spread FLU further, I was hoping you could, simply, list/ PM me the contact details of indie book stores in your area. I can then mail the store manager a signed copy of the book in the hope they may decide to stock FLU.

Big thanks to Ziggy who inspired this idea by talking to his local indie store (who have now agreed to stock the book)!  

Thanks, everyone!   


Tougher Laws Needed to Protect Dallas Residents from Naked Musicians

Not really - the Dallas city council just wants a cut of the action.


Even Brit Libertarians have their white-guilt trippers

Who is this clown Gard is talking to over there, Ed Joyce – was that his name? I couldn’t make it out well in the noisy Starbucks. Well, someone should tell him that:

a.   In Canada virtually no pre-European peoples were conquered by force of arms. Virtually all land was divided up by treaty contracts. Like any contract lasting in excessive of a century there have been disagreement and challenges over the years about meaning and accusations of fraud and bad faith on both sides. But no resort to mass murder. The process, indeed, continues quite civilly to this day.

Geolibertarian Podcast

I’m sure the majority of folk here might have heard the geolibertarian podcast Gasrd & I did with Ed Joyce.


I’m sure there are plenty of libertarians who’d want to challenge a few things Ed stated.


Well I was going to go up to London today & do a follow up interview with Ed but I’m just getting over the flu & I’m still feeling pretty shite so I’ve had to postpone.


When The G Man Met The Zigster


Gard arrived in Britannia at about 9pm last night

I almost knocked the poor guy over when I first saw him as I just ran up & gave the dude a bear hug, he probably thought there was a wildebeest running towards him.

But he’s here & still hyper when I last saw him at 11.30 last night.

Homeschooling Illegal in Germany

Evidently this issue is not new, but it's the first time I've heard of it.


Homeschooling: German Family Gets Political Asylum in U.S.


Sport Relief Run

Hey fellow conspirators,

I'm running six miles around Belfast for Sport Relief!

If any of you rich Libertarians feel the need to sponsor me, and raise much needed cash for worthy causes, click below:



Trade War Between Brazil and the US

From the Financial Times (Kindle U.S. edition):

I don’t want to die as a result of the influence of the Pro Israeli Lobby



I’ve no problem with Israel & I’d gladly trade with them particularly as Marks & Spencer shrimp are delicious & if it were legal I’d gladly buy an Uzi or two. I just don’t want to suffer the blowback from the foreign policy of the British & US governments which are geared towards supporting the Israeli state in its quarrels & as consequence suffering the blowback upon my liberty & security.


Bedell a Libertarian “Terrorist” Soros Linked Blog Claims



Okay this story is from Iinfowars.com 7 so I'd urge caution in reading too much into this though they do cite a source for this story

A Vote For Change Is A Vote For The Same



I think the video says all that needs to be said


Unless somebody has something to add

Libertarians and the Patriot Movement

I see the libertarian movement and the patriot movement as natural allies.  The patriot movement is not purely libertarian.  But this has never stopped libertarians from forming alliances before.  Subtracting out the provocateurs, they are an honest bunch.  Infinitely more honest that the conservatives that so many libertarians suck up to.  Probably, the biggest issue where we disagree is immigration.  Libertarians generally favor open immigration while patriots favor restrictions.  From their prospective, open borders is another aspect of the New World Order's drive to erase national governments and create a world government.  Many libertarians dismiss any talk of a New World Order as a "conspiracy theory".  I personally don't.  I think

Intolerant Anarchists

Browsing around different libertarian sites, I've noticed intolerance coming from some anarcho-libertarians.  This intolerance takes two forms:  political and cultural.  The politically intolerant anarchist treats minarchists and constitutionalists as though they are evil.  They act as though they were always anarchists and never held an incorrect belief.  The goal of the liberty movement is liberty.  You're not going to bring people into the movement if you challenge every little thing that they believe.  This doesn't mean that you have to compromise your principles.  You just have to recognize that people come to the anarchist viewpoint at different paces.  This is why I like Gardner so much.  He doesn't insult people who disagree

civil libities of diabled people

I have noticed the libities of learning diabled people h as be taken  for a ride. here in the UK it is practically non egsistient I for someone in this catigory can speak up fror my libities but those in authority do not like it and tell me to "be quiet, I should not speak out!! " that is tipical I am also A member of the Liberarian Party Scotland UK branch. can eny of my fellow conspitior advise me on this


Miss Karen Occardi

Here’s Another Story that Severely Pisses me Off!

Murder victim 'tortured for cash'

A "vulnerable" man was kept as a slave and tortured for his benefit money before his headless body was dumped in a Bedfordshire lake


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