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EU Threatens Scottish Culture

Scotland is one place in the world where Coca-Cola is not the best selling soft drink.


But this might change thanks to EU meddling http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-14857275


The EU are threatening to meddle with Scottish culture & its not on

Is the rule of law a fallacy?

Pretty obvious to me that if government continuously breaks its own laws the consequence is the rule of law is a fallacy.

Recently there were riots in Britain & this had followed on from the phone hacking scandal involving the Murdoch Press & a little further back the scandal revolving around MP expenses. I kind of think for many at the bottom of society there probably is a strain of thought that if those who make the laws & those who police the law are corrupt & breaking the law, then hey f**k it lets riot.

How can there be a rule of law when its pretty obvious that large corporations can use their wealth to bend the law or damn right buy the law to their favour?

Has The US Govt Learnt From 9/11?

At 8:46 EST, on September the 11th, 2001: the world changed!


The question is has the US Federal Government learnt from 9/11?


I'd oped that if anything good was to come from the terrible events of that day, the US government would learn as what brought about 9/11, but I was foolish to do so.

Wikileaks Disaster: All Their Files Released, Unredacted

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Wikileaks Disaster: All Their Files Released, Unredacted
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Irene Causes Flooding

I hope that all y'all in NH and VT are doing okay.  Looks pretty bad for Franigan and Company over in Windsor, VT.

FCC Said to "Kill 'Fairness Doctrine' Forever"

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FCC Said to "Kill 'Fairness Doctrine' Forever"
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Police Get Away With Assaulting Disabled Protester

Here's the assault caught on camera http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUHzSQgayXY

Here's the response from the police complaints people http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14651735

I'd post my response but its really not that polite, but if you can find it via my Twitter account


Post Gaddafi Libya

The end is nigh for Gaddafi & the question is what next for Libya?

Something I Don’t Think Gard Appreciates About Britain

Recently Gard kind of made out that the reason many in Britain are racked by class divide is due to us all being indoctrinated by Marxism.

Of course being racked by class couldn't have anything to do with Britain having a a royal family & that though the power of the monarch might be not b as great as they once were, the monarch still wields power & privilege because they happened to of been born into the right family. Having an individual who's able to wield power over on the basis they just so happened to of been born into the right family, really sends out a message that if you're not born into the right family you're never going to be able to have a proper say in how you're governed.

The Amazing Atheist's Take on Ron Paul

The Amazing Atheist is something of a YouTube personality & he really doesn’t like Ron Paul. Paul.

Here was his response to Ron Paul announcing he was running for president

Recently he posted a video entitled ‘CULT of Ron Paul’

Yes this guy is very abrasive, but so am I in maximum rant mode.

Thing is this guy brings up many of the same concerns I have about Ron Paul & that many libertarians (& progressives) seem to forget or attempt to justify in their support of Ron

Russell Means has inoperable throat cancer

American Indian activist Russell Means has inoperable throat cancer.  Means lost out to Ron Paul at the '87 LP convention.  He's going with the alternate medicine approach.  Let's hope he pulls through.





Guest/Topic Request

I think it would be awesome if you invited Mary Ruwart on to talk about IP.  As you may be aware, Dr. Ruwart holds a couple of patents on medical devices.  Other interesting people on my list of people I'd like to hear on the subject are as follows:

1. L. Neil Smith (he recently released a vampire novel).  He seems to be out of step with the recent shift in popular libertarian thought on this topic.

2. Tarrin Lupo, author of several ebooks, and The Pirates of Savannah, which he has been remarkable successful in marketing despite putting the book directly into the public domain.

Jobless Claims up, Prices Rising

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Jobless Claims up, Prices Rising
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Get your bell bottoms on because stagflation might be back

The 1970s, the decade of bell bottom trousers, prawn coctails, disco, Lynda Carter & stagflation!



Ron Paul Strong in Iowa Straw, Shafted by Pop Media?

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Ron Paul Strong in Iowa Straw, Shafted by Pop Media?
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Faces of Evil

I believe sound moral choices to also be practical and generally serve one's own life.  One cannot prosper in the free market of life without peacefully meeting others needs.  The conventional wisdom holds that somehow immoral choices can make you a rich greedy happy king, but that does not tend to pan out in the long run.  So the question becomes what is it that walls people off from hearing us and incorporating libertarian ideas into their own thinking when this knowledge could be of great benefit to them?

Meanwhile in Queensland's Gubment Education System...

This story speaks for itself, I need not say anymore than that!


This is the story that sparked the suspensions and investigations. Again nuff said!




Australian Census Workers tied up by armed robbers!

This story made me laugh!

Apparently two Australian Census workers were captured and tied up by some armed robbers whilst going about their gubment sanctioned 'business'.

I kept thinking of the ppl that'd get fined because the gubment 'grim reapers' hadn't been by their frontdoor by the due date...This is an emerging story, will post link when it becomes available.





London Riots

Summer of 1981, there was a royal wedding, economic woes & rioting in the inner cities.


Summer of 2011, there’s been a royal wedding, economic woes & now rioting in the inner cities.


Other then The Specials not being at number one with a critique of how things were back in 1981, the major difference between things in 1981 & 2011 is that the rioting happening isn’t now just occurring in the inner cities.


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