EPA Scales Back Unconstitutional, Immoral, and Anti-economic Ethanol Mandate, by a Tiny Amount

Although this leaves some space for the product to be closer to what the market demands, the move does not counter the spurious claim that the federal gubment has any appropriate power granted to it to regulate oil or gasoline products in any way. Without questioning that notion, more regulation will follow. Just look at how the Bio-fuels (ie corn) lobbyists respond to this small move by the EPA, as if they have a RIGHT to be in the product the oil refiners/gas companies make. Certainly the oil companies get lots of gimmies from the gubment (like grants to universities for research that the oil companies use, and overseas promotional subsidies) but they are also heavily slammed by federal regulations that not only make it harder for them to do businesses, they make doing that business more dangerous for their employees and the public (for example, deep water drilling due to fed environmental mandates that actually made the BP spill worse and harder to stop). At the same time, federal intervention prevents private individuals from getting the compensation they often deserve when their property is damaged by big companies (oil or corn).

Recognition of private property rights and claims is tossed out the window on many fronts when the federal or state governments get involved. If we could spread the word about property claims, we would see much more workable balances between energy consumption demands, and private property owners who might be harmed by the searches for that energy.

Here is the main article about the EPA move:


Here is one about the negative effects of the biofuel mandates that were increased under Bush and expanded under Obama (thanks to fellow Conspirator, Nathan Blakesley):  http://nypost.com/2013/11/12/the-secret-dirty-cost-of-obamas-green-power...

Here is one Gardner Goldsmith wrote in 2007, when the Bushies pushed for force more ethanol in gas: http://www.fee.org/the_freeman/detail/ethanol-versus-the-poor#axzz2klizK...


Spread the word. The Libertarians were right, baby. ;)


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