Fed Bureaucrats Telling Underlings to "Make Sequester 'Cuts' As Painful As Possible"?

Yep. As we mentioned on radio, podcast, and here, there are no real cuts. That is foremost. What they call cuts are really just increases that aren't as big as they had wanted. Aggregate federal spending will increase over ten years, not decrease. However, the shifting of payments is such that the bureaucracies can make it LOOK like there are cuts now. It's like this: Let's say your family decides to spend ten thousand dollars on a vaca to Austria that will occur in December. That means your overall spending for 2013 will go up by $10,000. But then you make the decision to skip buying that second can of beans for dinner. You just "cut" a dollar-fifty. And it's a terrible, terrible cut.

The cut is illusory. It's a fraud. Your overall spending is already slated to go up $9,998.50 for the year. You are not actually CUTTING or SAVING anything.

The feds want people to concentrate on the supposed "cut" of the beans, and overlook the towering wall of increased spending for their trip to Austria. This way, they can claim "terrible hardship".





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