Feds Raid Gibson Guitars - EPA Thugs Confiscate WOODEN Instruments

Did you know this happened before, in 2009? Not only is the EPA an unconstitutional agency, this raid ought to show any left-winger-statist that giving government the power to stop peaceful transactions in order to block what they don't like will also give government the power to block peacefl transactions that THEY DO LIKE.


In a free market, scarcity is reflected in the price, and it also helps private property owners (in this case, of woodlands) husband their investments -- to keep them around longer, and not use them in one fell swoop. The problem that the EPA thugs must think they are trying to stop can be traced all the way back to the government-run parklands from which some trees might be harvested. Leave it in private hands and supply, demand, and the interests of enironmentalists will all be met.


Right now, the only interests being met are those of the EPA thugs and attorneys who get paid to do this kind of thing. Let the environmental interests of people be reflected in their CHOICES, not through fascism.



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