NSA Official Reportedly Calls for Edward Snowden (PRISM Whistle-blower) to Be Assassinated


Classy... Atlantic editor reports overhearing US Intel officials saying PRISM Whistleblower should be "disappeared".  Hey, the current President has no proble assassinating people, soo...


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Edward Snowden, Whistle-Blower, Disappears

Let's hope he is escaping."The Atlantic" reports overhearing an NSA official saying that Mr. Snowden should be "disappeared"...

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US PRISM Spying Program Whistleblower Steps Forward

Big stuff. Good for the Guardian for getting the scoop and for offering video. And good for him to expose this massive breach of the 4th Amendment. Do you think the Republicans will move to impreach the current President? Nope. Most of them will excoriate his Administration for allowing this information to get out, this "breach of national security".

As the Furs said, "It goes on and then it goes, around again. It goes on again..."


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Obama Admin ORDERS Verizon to Hand over ALL Phone Records

Ahh, yes. Where are the left-statists who protested Bush doing this?


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As We Predicted: State Gubments Collect Private Med Data without Warrants, Make Themselves Some Cash

For years, libertarians have tried to warn people that HIPAA, passed by the feds in the 1990's but not implemented until the so-called "Health Freedom Act" passed, would cause hurdles for private citizens to let their health insurance companies and doctors share medical data. All sorts of paperwork would be required. We were right. We also warned that the law would let the federal and state governments claim the power to seize your medical data. We were right. No warrant. Nothing... Where are all the left-wing statists now? Weren't they the kinds of people who defended privacy? Don't they support the 4th Amendment?


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First Major US Gubment Attack on Bitcoin

Now, don't you worry about engaging in consensual private exchange. The gubment will protect you from yourself.

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Biometric Database of All Adult Americans in Immigration Bill

Remember, the feds aren't supposed to have anything to do with immigration. The Constitution only gives them power over naturalization, not immigration. This is something we've tried to warn traditional conservatives about. We said that if they didn't stop pushing for more federal power to control immigration, they would usher in a national ID and forced checks on it.


Lookie what the new bill will do:


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CA, NY and DC Look to Ban 3-D Printed Firearms

As mentioned in a correspondence with Russia Today, who posted this piece, one wonders what portion of the Second Amendment these politicians in CA, NY and DC don't understand...


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Obama Admin Pressuring Online Providers to Allow Wiretaps at Any Time

As you read this article, consider that this is not only an issue of the breach of the Fourth Amendment, but that it is also a misreading of the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution. There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the federal gubment to tell product makers what will be in their products.

We hope you can tell some of your left-statist friends that the administration which was supposed to be such a change from the Bush administration is not only continuing the breaches of privacy that the Bushies (and others) started, the Obama Admin is expanding it.

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Internet Sales Tax Passes Senate 69-27

Next time you shake hands with a politician, count your fingers when you're done.

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EU Bill: All Seeds and Plants Must be Registered and Approved by Euro Govt.

Killing Joke was on this years ago, and Jaz Coleman, the lead singer and writer for the band swings, in wealthy circles; he knows the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and others who are often pinpointed as the centers of the world government cabal. And he has told us that those folks in the Illuminati and the other groups actually BELIEVE in doing these things.

The Byzantine State Internet Sales Tax Bill Is Up for Vote In Senate Monday - May 6

Here is an excellent article about it, written by the brilliant Glenn Jacobs...


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FLA Sheriff: "We want people to call us if guy down street hates government."

Nothing like being extorted, robbed, coerced by the entity with the legal monopoly on the use of aggressive violence, then being told that if you don't like it, you'll get "special attention".


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Update: More details, provided by Sophia:


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Oregon Charter School Invaded by Blank-Shooting Cops in 'Test'

This "mock-up" attack on a gubment school reiterates how whacked-out tax-funded systems can get. Can you imagine being a teacher at that meeting as people you think are gun-firing attackers come bursting in? What fools. Hate to say it, but those "attackers" are very lucky they didn't get shot at themselves.

CISPA Boycott - Spread the Word

The House passed CISPA a few days ago. It is their back-door way of getting your private correspondence and data.

US Senate Does NOT Pass Federal Mandate of Background Checks

The measure just barely lost. The Fourth Amendment hangs on a thread  in many areas, but has been given a stay in this area. The Second Amendment explicityly bans this kind of mandate, but the politicians don't care. The reason the bill failed is because constituents spoke up. (Hence why the unctuous Harry Reid voted against it (despite his predilection against the 2nd Amendment), as we predicted he would. He has too many constituents in NV who support gun ownership and the right of self-defense to step out on a limb and vote what he really wants and espouses so often - attenuation of his neighbor's rights.

Warmonger NeoCon GOP Arse Peter King Already Knows How to Foil Terror Bombers

Let's see. The feds, state, and local cops failed to protect people. The politicians have not stopped any US-based terror event (the only ones the FBI has stopped were ones they started and then entrapped people into joining)... But listen, this blowhard Peter King knows PRECISELY what to do: INCREASE THE POLICE STATE.

It's worked so far... Um. Right?

Please read our previous post about the calculus of social safety...

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NH Sen Ayotte Was AGAINST Filibuster to Stop Unconstitutional Gun Buyer/Seller Mandates

Is there a portion of "... the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" that she has trouble comprehending?


IRS Says It Doesn't Need Warrants to Read Private E-Mails and Texts

They already get your financial data without warrants, breaching the 4th Amendment. Now, this. Continuing in the great tradition of government usurpations.

Big thanks to Citizen X for finding this and passing it on!

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