The Absurdities of the Fake Gubment Shutdown

Here's one. A couple was illegally detained at the Gettysburg nightmare site for driving on a "closed" road:


Here's another. The feds have continually tried to stop people from even LOOKING at Mt. Rushmore:


And... Let's see... How about this? http://www.infowars.com/government-shutdown-not-slowing-down-warmongers/

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Troubling Aspects of the Reaction of the Capitol Police Chasing and Killing Unarmed Woman

A lot of troubling things about the Capitol police shooting that unarmed woman. First, they didn't try to disable or stop the car. Second, the pop media depicted the woman as armed, brandishing a firearm - completely false. Third, the pop media reported that a police officer had been injured, associating the injury with this supposedly armed woman. In fact, there is now video that shows the cop wasn't even near the incident, and he crashed his own car into a center-road obstacle (DC streets are a mess), becoming injured by the airbag. There are reports that the woman was killed when she got out of the car - unarmed. There are others that she was killed in the car - once it stopped - with an 18 month old baby inside. Fifteen shots fired at the time.

Watch Glenn Greenwald Handle a BBC Hack - Intelligence, Sarcasm, Integrity

Greenwald stands tall. Good for him. The host is a great example of a statist propaganda tool. Perhaps she actually believes her nonsensical position is valid, which would be just as sad as if she were being an intentional tool.



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The NSA: A Spy Agency That Spies On You, Breaks the 4th Amendment, and now, the First

This guard is wrong on every count.


The Infowars team is much more into conspiracy theories than we are, but their news team often gets stories first, and follows-up very well.

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During Fantasy "Shut-Down", Fed Gubment Still Taxes Billions, Spends Even More

As we mentioned on the radio program, the feds are STILL engaged in their unconstitutional military operations all around the world, and the US treasury is STILL selling bonds to the Federal Reserve, which just invents money to buy them. Not good, but at least a few alternative media sites are reporting it!



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An Example of the Classic Media Biases - Matthews Spits Them

Take a look at this video, and soak in the lovely lack fo substantive analysis of the medical fascism law, the broad-brush ad-hominim attacks, the assuptions about what Ted Cruz is trying to do, rather than the points Crus mentioned in his filibuster. It's a circle jerk of collectivism, hidden behind a curtain of so-called "analysis". Sad and sick.




One wonders why Chris Matthews was calling a Texas Rep a "hero" for filibustering an abortion bill in the "republic" of TX, while he says Cruz is "a problem for the republic".

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Tax Hits That Come via Federal Medical Fascism Law

And this is just part of it...


Rates for the plans will also skyrocket, and have already started to shoot higher.


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FISA Judge Rules It's Okay for NSA to Get Phone Meta-Data

When you read this piece, recall that the feds were pushing CISPA, which would give the telecom corporations immunity from civil suits for handing over this data.




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Through Obfuscation, US Ambassador to UN Implies: The Administration Will Do Whatever It Wants

Take a look. Not only is the US government breaking the Constitution, these politicians don't even bother to live up to the agreements of the UN that they've promoted as so important.

Notice how the bureaucrat never gives a straight answer, but, through messy rhetoric, pretty much tells the interivewer that the US will do what it wants. And note the flimsy arguments backing that rationale.



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US Energy Department Loses Another $42 Mil Loan to 'Green' Company

Funny, but the "Department of Energy" isn't something that's supposed to exist when one reads the Constitution. And those loans... Hmmm. Systematized theft and redistribution of wealth are immediate injuries to the people who have their cash stolen, be they in this generation, or the ones coming who will have to pay even more debt thanks to these unconstitutional money shifts. How about this idea? If people think these are good investments, they can risk their OWN capital on them, not tax their neighbors for them.



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Obama Admin Got NSA Restrictions Lifted by FISA Court in 2011

And it was done to allow them to do pricisely what the President claimed in press conferences and on Jay Leno's show that they were not doing. Somehow, when we reported on this weeks ago, we tried to explain to people that he was lying and obfuscating. Looks like the Washington Post might be getting the message to a few more people now. Good for them.




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US Senate Breaks Its Own Rules to Rush Attack on Syria Vote

Notice how, in the opening paragraph of this article, the left-statists at the Daily Beast conflate the bogus "authorization to use military force" with the Constitutional Declaration of War.

There are a lot of powers at work here, not the least of them being the military-industrial complex.




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US Labor Participation Rate Hits Lowest Level in 34 Yrs

Just in case anyone was wondering.




Don't forget, the "economic downturn" that began in the US in the spring of 2008 was not merely a recession. There was no rise above Dec 2008 levels of productivity until the end of 2011, which means that it was a DEPRESSION. And the "recovery" is barely that. It's artificial and inspired by bogus extra Federal Reserve Notes (aka "Dollars") being created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve.

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Ben Swann Does Great Work Exposing New Executive Order to Curtail the Right to Self-Defense

We hope you'll visit his site often. This executive order is not only unconstitutional as an infringement of the 2nd Amendment, it is unconstitutional in that Executive Orders are only supposed to pertain to the inner workings of the White House. What a long, sad and vile road the federal gubment has traveled.


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Good for the InfoWars Team and Ben Swann for Shining the Light on US Sabre-Rattling re Syria

First, InfoWars: http://www.infowars.com/flashback-yahoo-uncovered-syria-chemical-weapon-false-flag-in-january/

That piece recounts the news from January, broken by a UK paper, that the US had given teh green light to chemical weapons to be used by rebel forces in Syria...


As Snowden Knew, As Greenwald Told Us, NSA Read Thousands of E-Mails, and Feinstein Lied about It

Here's the article from the AP that discusses the "mistake". Recall that the Bush Admin told us that the FISA courts were just issuing warrants to allow surveillance of foreign phone calls. Yet this e-mail collection program has been going on for years, clearly showing how the Bush Admin lied about it. This article also proves that senator Dianne Feinstein also lied when she said she had no knowledge of any NSA program that was reading the e-mails of Americans.


Here is Glenn Greenwald, in video on Democracy Now, telling people Feinstein was lying. He said these words in June of 2013.


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