Exxon-Mobil Found Liable for Gas Additive the FEDS Forced Into Their Gas

Check out this article. Not once do they mention that the MTBE additive was MANDATED by the federal government.

This boggles the mind... unless one realizes that the State of NH is bankrupt, and a jury filled with NH citizens will be likely to overlook the federal mandate in favor of their desire to get cash from the corporation.




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Administration Budget to Push Strict Deposit Limits on IRAs

But don't worry, no one would ever, EVER think to take your money. And taxation isn't a taking either. Noooooooooo...


This is just another nasty step on a road paved with poison.




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ATF Seeks Massive Database Far Beyond Criminal Background Checks

Including "assets", "business associates" and more...


Nothing like those unconstitutional conditions they heap upon us more each year. Don't believe it? Tell yourself that as you get searched at an airport. Remember that when you have your medical records collected by the feds.


4th Amendment, sayonara.


It was nice knowing you.




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UN Passes First of Its Kind Anti-firearm Treaty

No comment necessary.


Anyone remember the theme in the TV series that pinpointed the concept of "Protect other People" as one of the ideas that leads to the dangers of gubment?

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Australia to Drop US Fed Reserve Note As Intermediary to Yuan

This has a lot to do with the Chinese gubment getting tons and tons of gold over the past few years, and dropping huge percentages of its US gubment bonds. It also has to do with the Federal reserve creating 85 billion per month in bogus "currency".


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No Kidding - Administration Admits That Medical Fascism Law Is Raising Insurance Costs

Funny, we've only been trying to warn people about this kind of thing for years. When politicians force insurance companies to accept people with preexisting conditions, it destroys the definition of insurance (which is a hedge against future liability). If one already HAS a liability, what he is getting is no longer insurance, it is government-forced subsidy payment for health care.


DHS orders 360,000 More Bullets

Not. Good.



And they insist on NOT telling anyone why they are making the purchases.


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US Agency Says BitCoin Exchanges Must Comply With Money-Laundering Laws

Nothing like having the freedom to fail, to take risks, to engage in peaceful interactions and advise others of your experiences. Nope. You must be "regulated". That's also called fascism.



Meanwhile, the federal reserve and banking cartel phonies involved with the LIBOR stuff? Yeah, nothing about them on the gubment RADAR.

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As Predicted, Federal Reserve Will Continue Money Flood

They won't and can't stop, because they believe pumping fake money will lead to prosperity, and if the need to continue making the fake money in order to buy US bonds and facilitate the US debt,

Disaster looms once folks begin to see that the fundamentals of the US economy are even worse than what the EU created prior to the start of its collapse (which is now in mid-point).

Got yer metals yet?




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US Company Ready to Sell Drone-Blocking Tech

Good for them, but why were they working with the feds before, providing them with so-called "defense" tech, when the US military has not been involved in a Constitutional, defensive "War" since World War Two?


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Sen. Rockefeller Wants Feds to Control Violence Level in TV/Films Under FCC Regs

From the days of the creation of the FRC (Federal Radio Commission) to today, the ideas of the feds getting their fingers into the radio/television spectrum, then into cable, are wholly unconstitutional, based on a misreading of the interstate commerce clause of Article One of the Constitution.

Rockefeller is a clear enemy of the Constitution and of freedom in a larger sense.


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Bankrupt Feds Grant $1.5 Million to Study "Why Lesbian Woman Are Overweight"

Oh, boy. Why can't they just leave people alone, on all levels -- financial, sexual, anything?

Just remember, they do it because "they care".




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NY State Judge Halts NYC Soda Cup Ban - For Wrong Reasons

The judge called the Bloomberg rule "arbitrary and capricious". If he wanted to rule on the laws he is supposedly there to uphold, he could have said that a state or city ordinance that interferes with private contract is unconstitutional.

But don't trust judges to bother reading the Constitution.



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Rand Paul Fires Back at Mccain and Graham for Their Lame Remarks Re: Filibuster

McCain is not only a criminal who repeatedly has broken his oath to defend the US Constitution, he actually said once that he "swore an oath to defend the United States" when he was in the military, rather than to defend the Constitution. He has often been caught in lies, and yet he wants to criticize Rand Paul for Paul's attempt to secure a pledge from the Obama Admin that they do not believe it is constitutional to attack Americans on US soil with drones.

Breathtakingly arrogant.


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Fed Bureaucrats Telling Underlings to "Make Sequester 'Cuts' As Painful As Possible"?

Yep. As we mentioned on radio, podcast, and here, there are no real cuts. That is foremost. What they call cuts are really just increases that aren't as big as they had wanted. Aggregate federal spending will increase over ten years, not decrease. However, the shifting of payments is such that the bureaucracies can make it LOOK like there are cuts now. It's like this: Let's say your family decides to spend ten thousand dollars on a vaca to Austria that will occur in December. That means your overall spending for 2013 will go up by $10,000. But then you make the decision to skip buying that second can of beans for dinner. You just "cut" a dollar-fifty. And it's a terrible, terrible cut.

Rand Paul Filibusters Criminal Brennan's Nomination for CIA Chief in US

Rand Paul is trying to expose the murderous John Brennan, who led CIA torture moves and drone strikes of innocents around the world. His argument includes some mentions of Lysander Spooner, which is interesting, because Spooner was an anarchist who exposed the fallacies inherent in the US Constitution, how it wasn't a contract by any real standard that applied to anyone, and how it hasn't stopped the government from destroying rights. If he is making that final poin in his filibuster, hat's off to him. But eitehr way, it's nice to see someone trying to expose Brennan.

DHS Buys 2,700 Armored Assault Vehicles for Domestic Use

An unconstiutional body is ready to further breach the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.


Be warned.


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Airports Contradict Napolitano Claims of Lines from Lack of TSA Funding

They lied about cuts in the budget. They lie about the constitutionality of the presence of the TSA in airports (actually, they never even bother to try to justify their presence in the airports), and we will see more lies as they try to scare people into thinking the world will end due to the non-cuts of what is known as the "sequester".





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Tourist Arrested in Supreme Court Building - Because of Shirt

The very court that supposedly is there to protect your right to speak freely.

How attractive.


Do not believe the fiction that government is there to protect your rights. It exists by harming them, and will do so more and more...

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Administration Claim of Pink-slipped Teachers - False

Again, is anyone surprised?


We need to remind folks that aggregate federal spending is going to increase $110 billion over the next ten years.




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