US Disctrict Judge Rules NY Times Cannot Get Govt Docs Pertaining to Obama Kill List

Not that the assassination list is unconstitutional and that all these federal docs should be available to view. Nope. Move along. These aren't the Droids you're looking for.



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As Expected, DC Repubs Cave - 77 percent of Americans Will See Higher Taxes, ZERO REAL CUTS in Gubment Spending

It's something libertarians expected. Government grows, takes more, and tells you it's for your own good.




Note: The "payroll tax cut" is the one where the gubment stopped taking some peoples' medicare and social security taxes. Supposedly those programs are "isurance programs" -- but when was the last time you were FORCED to pay for an insurance prog-- oh, yeah, the federales are now FORCING US citizens to pay for health insurance.


Ahh, remember the ghosts of the free market, where people were not forced to buy anything?


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Prez Signs Warrantless Wiretap Renewal - Behind Closed Doors

Ahh, yes. Despite the clear provisions of the 4th amendment, that a judge mmust issue a warrant upon his or her determination of probable cause, Bush started this and Obama has not only continued it, but asked for it to be renewed.


Welcome to 19842013...




San Fran Judge Rejects Obama Admin Attempt to Show Him Secret Docs During Trial Re No-Fly Lists

Ex parte communication with the judge ain't a wise thing to do, Team Obama...

Sometimes, soooooome-times, judges will try to retain their integrity, rather than going with the Administration on it. Good for this judge.


The case is still unresolved.

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US Activists Voice Dismay As Senate Renews FISA Wiretapping Power Obama Wants

But, but... Isn't the current President "different" on civil liberties than Bush?


Yeah, he's clearly worse. FISA, NDAA, DRONE STRIKES, Eradication of Habeas Corpus, Assassinations.... All part of the current President's activities...




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Left Paragon Oliver Stone: "The US has become an Orwellian state"

Stone is trying to tell the populace that Obama is continuing the Bush war policies and eviscerating the Constitution... So far, very few leftists are listening.

It seems that libertarians are his closest allies...

Who would have thought he'd have to turn to us?


(note, a lot of grammer errors in the Russia Today piece)

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Confirmed: US Gubment to Lose BILLIONS in GM Bailout - No Kidding...

What a shock. Not that we've been saying this for years, and not that the pop media claims that the US gubment would "make a profit" off the bailout were wrong or lies or anything... Nah.




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NBC Report: CT Murderer Left Automatic in Car, Used Stolen Handguns, Had Been Denied Rifle on Dec 11

In each instance, the laws that were on the books did nothing to stop this killer, and he entered a building that was "gun free", meeting no resistance and requiring no second-thoughts on his part that he might run into armed defenders.


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"We Need to Rein-In These Dangerous Firearms..."

... said King George, as his soldiers marched towards Concord, MA, to confiscate guns, ammo and powder.


The murders in CT on December 14 are angering and horrifying. The arguments offered to claim that a citizen's natural right to self-protection ought to be attenuated by a select group of citizens called politicians and "statesmen" are weak.

Question: Why is violent crime per capita so low in Switzerland, when every adult is required to own and know how to use a firearm?

US Senate Report: Torture -- um... Harsh Interrogation -- Did NOT Lead to Useable Intel

No kidding. But it's led to more people becoming angry with US policy and radicalized to the terrorist cause.




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US Army Targeting Children

Great post at Lew Rockwell's site...




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Fed Judge Rules NC 'Choose Life' License Plates Unconstitutional

He says they violate the free speech rights of drivers who might disagree, who might be 'pro-choice'. And that is certainly true. But why is the consideration only given for people who might have conflicts over this statement? Why not broaden the viewpoint to looking at ANYTHING on the license plate, or the license plate being forced on drivers in the first place? What if a driver protests being forced to put numbers on his car? Why should that have any less bearing than any other subjective objection or desire on the part of the CAR OWNER being forced to apply something to his car against his will?

Obama Admin Considering Ways to Overturn WA and CO Marijuana Legalization

But don't forget, these are the cats who are all in favor of "privacy", and this is the guy who openly admitted to smoking pot (even has a pic of himself toking)...

The Obama admin has increased three-fold the arrests for drugs in the US. Hey, former Obama fans, as Johnny Lydon said, "evver get the feeling you've been cheated?"




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Washington Post: "Obama Admin Now Less and Less Transparent"

It's nice that the Post finally caught up with reality. From the days prior to the first day of the current President's administration, the lies began. Anyone recall the conversation Obama had with George Stefanopoulis about rendition? Obama claimed "the US Army will no longer be engaged in that activity under my administration." But that was not the issue, because it wasn't the ARMY, it was the CIA hiring usrrogates to torture people in places like Romania and Libya. Of course, it didn't stop.

Lies don't make for "transparency" do they...




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Yet Another EVIL Business Owner States the Obvious: Fed Insurance Mandates Will Cause Higher Costs for Businesses and Consumers

And it's also a nice invasion of privacy, collecting your medical data without a warrant, which runs contrary to the 4th Amendment.

But don't worry. The Constitution will stop this. It will surely constrain the ever-growing lust for power and control that politicians have exhibited for ages throughout human history. Yep. It will stop them. Sure...



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