Camille Paglia Sheds Some Light on One Force Behind Push for "Fairness Doctrine" Reimposition

As the Dems work to impose more fascism on the airwaves (refer to Gard's article in the CABAL, or the series of special audios on the history of the FCC), writer Camille Paglia has discovered one interesting aspect about the forces behind the push. To quote:

House Republicans Defeat Proposal to Delay Digital TV Mandate

There is no constitutional or economic reason for the federal government to be in any way associated with, or in control of, the radio spectrum.

CABAL members have likely read Gardner's lengthy piece explaining the history of how the federal gubment got invovled in regulating the spectrum and its "content". Soon, Gard will produce special casts to go out to your ipods, and in the casts he'll explain the anti-freedom history of the FCC (originally known as the FRC -- the "Federal Radio Commission"), and the free market approach to the radio spectrum.

Former NSA Worker Breaks His Silence: Wiretaps on Reporters, Average US Citizens

Despite his leftist economic leanings, Keith Olberman has done a very good job covering the towering breaches of Constitutional procedure (disregard of Fourth Amendment rights, etc) perpetrated by the Bush Administration.


Here is the video:

Here is a link you might want to explore:


Be Seeing You!

The Prisoner Is Dead. The Amazing Patrick McGoohan Passes Away


We have just received this message from our friend Ziggy, in the UK:

(Thank you, Ziggy)


Last summer somebody asked me what inspired me to be as libertarian as I am, & though I’ve given John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty a great deal of credit, what really ignited the individualist warrior in me was The Prisoner.

cover of The Prisoner - Complete Series Megaset (40th Anniversary Edition)The Prisoner - Complete Series Megaset (40th Anniversary Edition)

Feds Want to Regulate College "Bowl" System! From Stephen Smith, THANKS Mr. S!

Here is a lovely tidbit offered by CABAL member Stephen Smith. His comments are attached at the opening:


Stephen ( "What's next? Every time a coach challenges a call on the field, a Congressional committee will be convened to review it? This bill was introduced by a Republican - the small government party, right?"

Gubment Energy Provider TVA Leaks Tons of Coal Ash Onto Private Property - ABC News Uses Case to Push Obama Anti-Coal Plan

For those who watched ABC "World News Tonight" and weren't throttled by the intense interest US network news reporters and editors have over what happens in Gaza, there might have been another story that caught your attention. The TVA spilled tons of coal ash out into private water areas and private lands. But, strangely, ABC didn't really discuss the fact that it was a government agency that screwed things up, didn't mention how difficult it would be for private citizens to get any sort of compensation from the gubment from the Tennessee government.

Obama Achieves a First - Wins Election for US President after Openly Calling for Skirting of Constitution

Yes, "we" can, folks.

"America has come so far, we have seen so much, but there's so much more to do..."

Barack Obama has beaten the "Constitutional Scholar". What can we expect from the coming administration?

With the help of an even more powerful Democrat party in Congress, Obama plans on nationalizing the last remnants of the health care industry that aren't already under federal control.

Tom diLorenzo does It AGAIN! See His Excellent Piece on Obama and McCain, the "Socialist and the National Socialist"!!!

DiLorenzo has been a friend to the Liberty Conspiracy and Gard's show on numerous occasions. Look for Tom's new book, "Hamilton's Curse", at!

Glenn Jacobs was on the ball about it. It was just released! GET IT!!! (And Gard's awesome book, too!)

cover of Hamilton's Curse: How Jefferson's Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution--and What It Means forHamilton's Curse: How Jefferson's Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution--and What It Means for

Free Markets, Free Minds! REASON!

Visit the famous Reason website often! Check out ReasonTV!

Our Special Music Mix Cast! The List of Musicians and Bands!

As Gard noted in this special webcast, the Music Pod for 10-19-08 features many bands, about which he has been asked by numerous Conspirators and others.

If you're mystified as to who is on the audio file, then fret not, friends! Just follow this listing, and visit the links for the artistes! Better yet, go to iTunes and grab some of their music yourself. You won't be sorry!

So, where do we start?... How about with the most powerful female-led garage punk band around?

Lighter (But Still Serious) Fare: Fed HDTV Coupons Aren't Even Valid!

But just remember, as the government ads tell us, HDTV is so much better than broadcast television, it's been mandated!

Links for Recent ATG Guests! (And some Sons of Hercules, for Good Measure!)

Avid readers already know, but new converts to the works of people such as Heather Graham, Anne Elizabeth, and LA Banks have asked the G-Man to post more information on their novels and their websites!

You got it!

First up, in order of appearance, is the bestselling, multi-talented Heather Graham, AKA Shannon Drake, AKA Heather Graham Pozesserre! For easy reference, just click on this link: or look for the links we have for some of her books!

cover of Bad Blood (Crimson Moon Novels)Bad Blood (Crimson Moon Novels)
cover of The Death DealerThe Death Dealer
cover of Recipe for LoveRecipe for Love

States Sue EPA over Carbon Dioxide and "Global Warming, Gardner", The Mortgage Bailout, and the Great Heather Graham!

Nowadays, the federal government is involved in regulating so many things that it is not supposed to, American's seem to reflexively think it has a role in "protecting" people from purported environmental hazards. Incredible. Here is story number one, on CO2, the state governments, and the EPA:

cover of The Seance (MIRA)The Seance (MIRA)
cover of The Dead RoomThe Dead Room
cover of The Death DealerThe Death Dealer

Ask, and Ye Receive: Links to Sites of Excellent ATG Guests and Our Audio Library!

F. Paul Wilson and Gard Nashua - Jan 08b.jpg

Well, Conspirators, you said you needed the information, and here it is, the first part of our ongoing attempt to keep you abreast of the websites for some of Gardner's guests and to give you a direct link to our Library!

The Audio Library:

This time, we highlight recent guests, fiction authors and just plain cool people. Check them out, and soak in their great ideas! First, we would like to mention once more, the excellent site of Glenn Jacobs, aka, Kane, of the WWE. Get this man's insight on political economics, and enjoy his wit at:

The Great Glenn "Kane" Jacobs' Website! If You Believe in Promoting Liberty, Visit This Site! Subscribe to the Audios!

On March 7, 2008, Gardner Goldsmith was excited to have an opportunity to feature the great insights of a modern marvel, Glenn Jacobs. Glenn is not only the well-known man behind the WWE sensation "Kane", he is also a great defender and promoter of liberty.

cover of Journey Into Darkness: The Unauthorized History of Kane (WWE)Journey Into Darkness: The Unauthorized History of Kane (WWE)

Fed Appeals Court to Hear Case of CT Teen Punished for Criticizing School, on HIS OWN BLOG SITE!

Yep, you got it.

Take a look at his one, and ask yourself, just where do the politicians get the gall to take money from people, force their kids into bad government schools, and then tell the kids that they can't criticize the system?


Prepare... From Johnny Molson at WMAY, a Discovery the Likes of Which You Have Never Seen: Yatta - the Japanese Sensation!

You gonna lub it! Please check it out, but be warned, it's not pornographic, but it is... Embarrassing.

This is an instant classic in the realms of Bad Music! YEAHHHHH!

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